UV Radiation

Clear-sky UV irradiance simulation

The huge amount of satellite data that will be available thanks to the European satellite SENTINEL missions will help to provide ever more accurate information related to safe-sun exposure.
The Earth’s atmosphere blocks most of the Sun’s UV radiation from penetrating through the atmosphere. The small amount that gets through has both positive effects, including triggering Vitamin D and helping some skin conditions, and negative one, the most obvious of which is skin cancer (Positive/negative effects).
AURORA is making scientific and technological progress in this field.
Given that the project is carried out before the launch of the atmospheric Sentinels, AURORA will generate, fuse and assimilate synthetic L2 Sentinel data. This will help to simulate clear-sky UV irradiance. Watch this space for research results.
One of AURORA’s commercial applications will be an Innovative mobile App, with near real-time monitoring of UV dose absorbed by user’s skin. This is a personalised tool, helping people to understand their personal skin photo-protection properties diagnostics, to plan sun exposure and manage product choice. Watch this space for more information as the product develops.

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