Data fusion

Data fusion methods for remote sounding of the Earth’s atmosphere: research activities and scientific publications at IFAC-CNR

The development, optimisation and testing of innovative data fusion algorithms constitute a pivotal segment of the scientific effort of the AURORA project, both in terms of background knowledge, as well as a major prompt to the synergistic exploitation of information associated to multiple measurement sources onboard the atmospheric Sentinel missions of Copernicus.
The research activities carried out at IFAC-CNR in the last decade posed important premises to the investigation of data fusion strategies suitable to the ultimate goal of operational use in combination with data assimilation systems.
A number of theoretical studies for the definition of new methods of data fusion and for evaluation of their properties was conducted along with demonstration of their capabilities and evaluation of performance based on the use of synthetic data and real measurement products.
A comprehensive list of publications reporting the key results obtained from these studies is provided here below, with access to the individual articles: