Call for Ideas

Your proposals for applications using satellite data

The deadline for the Call for Ideas has been extended (30 November 2018)! Download the updated Terms of Reference in the Application Packs below.

The AURORA Call for Ideas is designed to engage European students in the debate about the use of satellite data to address today’s societal challenges. The focus is on Air Quality and UV radiation measurement.
Students are invited to propose ideas for the development of applications that can use the AURORA project data platform. The winners are awarded with a cash prize.
Interested students (undergraduate and PHD) and classes (Secondary Schools) can participate in the call, using the on-line application process.
If you want to participate, here’s how to get started:
1. Download and read the full application pack (School or University).
2. Read the project description and the list of Copernicus Services
3. Identify the problem that you want to solve (Air Quality / UV Radiation )
4. Identify how your Application should address the problem
5. Define the functions of your Application.
Contact us if you have any questions.
All further details are available in the Terms of Reference in the full application pack.


University Students (undergraduate and PHD)

Download University Terms of Reference (and attachments) here

Access the University On-line Application


Secondary School Classes

Download School Terms of Reference (and attachments) here

Access the School On-line Application form