Report of the Sentinels4regions event

By Koen Verberne 8 years ago

On the 28th of June, AURORA participated at an event organised by the NEREUS network at the European Parliament. The aim was to discuss what the Copernicus programme can do for regions. Representatives of many European regions gave their view on the potential for using Copernicus data.

Regions highlighted two main interests. First, regions are users of information services, related to for example: air quality measurement, forest monitoring, and urban planning. Second, regions use Copernicus as an accelerator for their value adding sectors. The quality of Copernicus and open access to its data enables improved services and increased markets. This leads to turnover and jobs.

AURORA sees European regions as an important target group for the atmospheric data of the Sentinels. By providing air quality and UV data with unprecedented accuracy, regions can improve air quality monitoring and UV measurement. As a result, the can formulate more effective policies. Furthermore, climate and health issues are important for all European regions. There are opportunities for the private sector to use AURORA to deliver value adding services.


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