AURORA Project gets started

By Ugo Cortesi 8 years ago

AURORA project officially starts on the 1st of February 2016.
The web site and social media pages will provide you with continuous updates on the project progress and results.
Do you remember what the project is about?
Aurora is a space research project funded by H2020, whose overall objective is to use the S-5P, S-4 and S-5 instruments aboard the Copernicus atmospheric Sentinel missions to monitor the profile of ozone concentration in the Earth’s atmosphere.
The project demonstrates that the synergistic use of geostationary (GEO) and low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite sensor data in different frequency ranges is a viable strategy for full, vertical ozone profiling, used to calculate tropospheric columns and UV surface radiation, thus focusing on lower atmosphere layers.
The project includes the creation of a technological infrastructure to implement the data processing chain, including a geo-database and web-services for data access, which is the basis for a market analysis of pre-market applications and uptake in commercial communities.

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