AURORA back from Delft: excited about the present and looking to the future

By Jessica Huntingford 6 years ago

Science and Industry cooperation is a challenge. Science and its application on the market go at different speeds and with different trajectories. Scientists and industrialists often speak different languages. But, as AURORA partners are finding out, it is a challenge that is worth taking on. AURORA has managed to put these two different worlds around the same table and partners are starting to see some real benefits.

AURORA partners are understanding how frontier research in the field of satellite data can support concrete, market-suitable products that use this data for health and air-quality applications. This is true for current capabilities with existing satellite data and even more so in preparation for upgrades in management of the mass of data that will be produced from the launch of Sentinels 4 and 5. Scientists need input from downstream users to understand user requirements and, in turn, adapt their work to companies’ needs.

These considerations are part of the knowledge that emerged from the project meeting in Delft on 24-25 July, where partners considered scientific progress, development of the technological infrastructure and results of market research.

Watch this space for updates that will emerge from AURORA over the next few months, in terms of information on data fusion and assimilation, technological developments and updates to downstream applications.

unsplash-logoNikita Kachanovsky

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