HappySun: an even safer photoprotection solution thanks to the AURORA project

By Marco Morelli 8 years ago

The AURORA project will further improve the performance of HappySun, the innovative smart solution for solar photoprotection.

HappySun is the satellite-based system for personal solar photoprotection: the innovative integrated solution for sun exposure through a specific smartphone app allowing for the safer and enjoyable sun bath.

The HappySun system is based on the exploitation of data coming from different satellites enabling real-time measurement of the ground-level UV radiation. HappySun is an unprecedented solution allowing a continuous monitoring of the UV radiation incident on the user’s skin, taking also into account the ground-reflected radiation surrounding the user and the sunscreen applied.

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This technology has been developed by Flyby and it will become even more accurate thanks to AURORA project’s results by additionally exploiting Copernicus satellites data (such as Sentinel 4 and Sentinel 5/5p) in the next years.

The HappySun app is free and runs both in Android and iOS devices.

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