By Edo Loenen 6 years ago

Science and Technology BV (abbreviated to S[&]T) is a contract Research and Development (R&D) organisation that forms the bridge between applied research and commercial products. S[&]T is an international company, established in 2000 and now employing a hundred, highly-educated and bright people from all over the world. S[&]T’s mission is to create solutions that understand what is happening in real time, by sensing the world around us. S[&]T is always seeking novel and more efficient ways to develop these solutions.

At S[&]T, all staff members hold a Master’s or PhD degree in subjects such as computer science, mathematics, physics and aerospace engineering. S[&]T’s engineers are either skilled domain experts or capable of working at all levels with the clients who ensure smooth cooperation and successful completion of the projects S[&]T is involved with.

Within AURORA, S[&]T is responsible for the dissemination and exploitation of the results of the project. In other words: trying to bring the innovative AURORA science to the market. One of the ways S[&]T does that is with AIR-Portal. AIR-Portal is a platform that collects, analyses, and perceptively visualises air quality data. By combining data relevant to air quality (such as satellite images, ground measurements, traffic information, weather forecasts, and land usage) with sophisticated modelling, AIR-Portal can produce air quality forecasts at street level. The improvements in ozone data resulting from the AURORA project will allow AIR-Portal to reach even higher levels of accuracy.

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