AURORA Innovation Manager in Tuscany

By Koen Verberne 7 years ago

AURORA can benefit many different types of stakeholders. In January 2017, the AURORA innovation manager met up with a number of organisations in the Tuscany region (Italy) to explore how AURORA could benefit them. These included the civil protection agency, the center for melanoma, the Tuscana Spazio network, and the LaMMA consortium for environmental modelling.

Based on these workshops and interviews, the main benefits of AURORA include:
• Air quality data and UV data are important for public health. These types of data can improve understanding on the influence of air polluters and UV on public health;
• Many organisations are unaware about the potential of atmospheric Sentinel data. Example cases help to clarify how this. This also underlines the importance of communication on atmospheric Sentinel data applications;
Easy accessibility is important for organisations to use data. An easy to understand data portal can increase the amount of users of AURORA data products.

The visit to Tuscany provided an interesting and useful perspective on the potential of AURORA products for regional development. Visits to other European regions will be planned by the AURORA consortium.

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